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IT Services offers several web conferencing options with a wide range of features for your needs. Conference organizers may choose from a number of features when they schedule their meetings:

  • WebEx Meeting Center - Integrates the web and a conference call, and requires only a web browser when using integrated Voice over IP telephony. It is most suitable for real-time software demonstration, reviewing documents, and project updates. Supports up to 1000 attendees in one meeting. You can also control your audio conference from within the WebEx Meeting Center interface. Voice control includes options to mute and unmute participants.
  • WebEx Event Center - Connect with large, geographically dispersed audiences easily and cost-effectively. Engage attendees with high-quality video and compelling multimedia content.  Easily manage web events from registration to post-event follow-up and analysis. Support up to 3000 attendees in a single event.
  • WebEx Training Center -  Increase the reach and effectiveness of training for employees, partners, and customers create a compelling learning environment with high-definition video (up to 720p), integrated audio and multimedia sharing. Stimulate learning and group collaboration through breakout sessions. Evaluate training effectiveness with integrated testing and polling, and reports on attendance, attentiveness, and more. Build a digital library of sessions for future on-demand access. 
  • WebEx Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) - With CMR, cloud communication with your colleagues, partners, and customers is always open. Meet face-to-face with anyone regardless of location from any system or device easily and share content. Simple-to-join capability from any ITS-supported video conference endpoint client.
  • Personal Conference Number (PCN) - With PCN, you can conduct an on-demand audio-only conference anytime, anywhere. Replaces tradiditional telephone conferences with like features and can be set up not to require a host. You can also use your PCN account numbers when scheduling regular WebEx meetings. You can create and store up to three PCN accounts.

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Web Conferencing FAQ

Service Charges: 

WebEx is not usage-based. It is charged at the Exec level per alloted licenses. 

Conference can be initiated with either toll- or toll-free numbers. There is no charge to participants calling toll free numbers. The cost to dial a toll number will be incurred by the caller. International local-toll numbers are also provided.


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See documentation here.  You can also contact the IT Services Service Desk by submitting a ticket via the ITS Self-Service Portal, by phone at 2-5800 (773-702-5800), or via email at itservices@uchicago.edu.