Identification Cards (UChicago Card) Overview

The UChicago Card is the official University identification card. You can use it for many things, including getting access to the Library and checking out library materials, storing credit for dining hall use (for students), and riding certain CTA buses.

In addition to issuing identification cards, the Identification & Privileges Office also sells tickets and passport photos.

New UChicago Card What Is the UChicago Card?

The  UChicago Card is the official University identification card. UChicago Cards are issued to all students enrolled in credit programs, faculty, staff, and academic employees. You will be using this multi-purpose picture ID card to:

  • Gain entrance into Regenstein and Crerar libraries;
  • Check out library materials at all University libraries and use photocopiers;
  • Eat in the dining halls if you are a dining plan member;
  • Enter the Gerald Ratner Athletic Center, the Henry Crown Field House, and rent athletic equipment (faculty, staff, and academic employees must purchase a membership);
  • Access University Health Services;
  • Use laundry services throughout campus without using coins;
  • Enter the Pub (membership required);
  • Ride free on CTA bus numbers 170, 171, 172 and University Evening Services buses North, East, South, and Central (A and B buses in the summer). For additional information, please visit

How it Works

Using your card is very easy, and you will find that you use it several times a day. To enter the libraries or the athletic facilities, you will ‘tap’ a proximity reader with the card or swipe it through a magnetic stripe reader.

The front of your UChicago Card appears as a typical ID card with photo, name, and status. The back of the card displays the card ID number, ChicagoID, and Library barcodes. The back contains two magnetic stripes.

The wide magnetic stripe is encoded with identification data. For residents of campus housing, the thin CashStripe allows you to add up to $50 of purchasing value for the Laundry machines in campus residences.

Take Care of Your Card

The UChicago Card is yours alone to use, but it remains the property of the University. It is not transferable under any conditions. Do not lend your UChicago Card to any other person. Please treat your UChicago Card with care, as you would your driver’s license, passport, or credit cards.

Keep your UChicago Card away from all magnetic fields that may demagnetize your card, making the magnetic stripes unusable, e.g., microwave ovens, television sets, stereos, and other electromagnetic equipment. Do not punch holes or place stickers on your Card because this can make your Card unreadable.

Replace a Lost or Stolen Card

See for information on how to report a lost or stolen UChicago card.

Add Value to Your Card

If you wish to use a UChicago Card account to eat at any of the residential dining halls or retail outlets in Bartlett Commons or the Reynolds Club, you may sign up for a Flex Dollar Account at any of these locations. To set up a flex dollar account, you may either pay at the time with cash or a check, or have the cost charged to your Bursar account. Just ask a cashier for a Flex Account deposit form.

Students living in residence halls can use the UChicago Card to do laundry without using coins. The thin CashStripe on the back of your UChicago Card allows you to add cash to your card.

Cash value centers for Laundry are located in:

  • Burton-Judson Courts
  • Max Palevsky Central
  • Reynolds Club
  • Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons
  • University Bookstore