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The campus Digital Signage Service provides a powerful and highly visible opportunity for campus entities to communicate messages across the university to increase engagement with their audiences. Specifically, digital signage is a content display platform that use technologies such as a small form-factor hardware player, and a LCD display monitor to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information.

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Service Charges: 

The initial, one-time cost to purchase the client hardware is ($1,650.00). The annual client hardware maintenance cost is ($150.00) 

The purchasing campus entity is responsible for paying this annual maintenance fee prior to the anniversary date of the initial purchase.

Requesting the Service: 

Contact the IT Services Service Desk by phone at 2-5800 (773-702-5800), or via email at

Purchase of hardware player for new deployments
Support Contact: 

See documentation at You can also contact the IT Services Service Desk by submitting a ticket via the ITS Self-Service Portal, by phone at 2-5800 (773-702-5800) or via email at