Chalk Overview

Each day of the academic year an average of 5000 visitors view 143,000 pages and download over 20 GB of content from Chalk. Chalk, as it is known on campus, is a learning management tool that uses the Blackboard Learn Suite of software to provide a common easy-to-use framework for faculty to develop and disseminate course materials to students. Each quarter, almost 1300 course sites are created on Chalk.

Any person with a valid CNetID and CNet password can log in to Students enrolled in Chalk-hosted courses can access course materials and assignments or take online tests and surveys, faculty can maintain and post grades using the Grade Center and encourage communication and participation through the Discussion Board, and blog and wiki tools. In the Fall of 2011 a "new" Chalk will be implemented.  With this new version, instructors will benefit from many new features, options, and tools along with a Web 2.0 interface for added functionality.  For example, an enhanced Grade Center will provide a more effective way to manage and update student grade information.


On the support site, you'll find information that will help you get the most out of your Chalk course site. This site is updated on a regular basis, so please check back periodically. We will be adding new tutorial movies, in addition to more documentation throughout the quarter. Feel free to contact if you have any questions or have a topic suggestion. The Chalk team will answer your email on a timely basis.

View Chalk's calendar of scheduled maintenance windows for information about possible service disruptions.