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A Call Center is generally a group of individuals responding to inquiries from a customer in order to resolve an issue, provide information, or update information for the customer. A customer may be internal to the same business (as in an IT Help Desk) or outside of the organization (as in a paying customer for services).  A call center may receive incoming calls, make outgoing calls, respond to inquiries via email, web-based, chat, or fax. A call center may also be 24 x 7 x 365 or may instead operate Monday through Friday. No two Call Centers are alike.

The individuals receiving and responding to the inquiries, Call Center Agents, may be located in a single location, working across several locations, cities or may even work from home. A Call Center Manager or Supervisor is responsible for the overall performance of the group, individuals, and the business function of delivering information to the caller or customer. 

Distinguishing factors of a Call Center include: 

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) - This is the primary functionality which receives intake, routes the call to an agent, prioritizes a call on hold, provides updates or music on hold while a caller is waiting, and tracks and reports the performance of the group and agents.
  • Call Reporting - Call reporting may be real-time, providing Call Center Managers or Supervisors with on-demand statistics of calls being serviced, calls in queue, average wait time and other key performance indicators. Reporting may also be historical, providing a Call Center Manager with trends in order to plan for the future, and predict performance. 

Additional Call Center technology may include call recording, work-force management or predictive dialing. These technologies, while providing value, may warrant significant call volume in order to reap the benefits of the initial cost. 

See the Call Center FAQ for more information about call center, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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