AuthCode Request Form

ATTENTION: Reduced need for Authcodes

If you are requesting an Authcode for making long-distance calls, you should note that domestic calls are not billed to your desk phone and you may instead wish to request that the dialing restrictions be modified on your phone to allow a broader calling area without having to enter your Authcode. This change can be requested of at no charge. Please feel free to talk to us at 2-5800 (773-702-5800), if you need more information or have questions about dialing restrictions.

Complete this Authcode request form and submit. Make sure to fill in all required (*) fields. If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk at 2-5800 (773-702-5800). Click here to view current International Authorization Code rates.


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There will be only two attempts to deliver the Authcode(s) to a department. If the designated person is not available on the second attempt, you must contact the Service Desk at 2-5800 (773-702-5800) to arrange for pick up.

Authcodes are used for campus long-distance calling. Authcodes can be used from any phone on campus which allows local and/or long-distance calls.

You are responsible for protecting the confidentialty of the Authcode(s). DO NOT post on phone or other areas where it could be stolen. If you suspect abuse, contact the Service Desk at 2-5800 (773-702-5800) immediately to request a cancellation. Departments will be responsible for all charges incurred. If you need rates for specific countries not posted, please contact 2-5800 (773-702-5800). Posted rates supercede any rates quoted by the vendor.

Please verify the above information before pressing the submit button.