Audio Visual Services


Audio Visual Services maintains a large collection of portable media equipment for use in teaching as well as for rent. Below is a list of some of the equipment available for checkout.

CD/Cassette Players "Boom Box" variety
Microphones Wireless, hand-held, table-top, and stand-mounted
Speakers Portable speakers that can be used individually or in pairs
Digital Recorder iPod recorder
DVD Players Portable players for CD-sized DVDs as well as international and code-free DVD players
International VHS VCRs Multistandard VCRs capable of translating and playing PAL, SECAM, and NTSC videotapes
LCD Data Projectors Bright, portable projectors for both computer (VGA, S-VGA, and XGA) and video display
LCD Video Projectors Tiny, ultra-portable video projectors for use in smaller spaces where a television set or large projector is inappropriate
NTSC VHS VCRs U.S. standard (NTSC) VCRs capable of playing back both VHS and S-VHS tapes
PC Laptops Equipped with Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Photoshop CS, Java Runtime Environment, RealPlayer, Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Shockwave, NVidia Codec and Sonic 7.3. Custom applications are permitted to be installed. However, all laptops are restored to the original build upon return.
Overhead Projectors Both the highly portable (and popular) "Cobra" reflective and the traditional pass-through models are available
Portable Tables Suitable for supporting most A/V equipment available through the Multimedia Center
Projection Screens A wide variety of tripod, frame, pull-out, and tabletop models are available
Slide Projectors Standard 35mm Kodak slide projectors