think-cell Software

think-cell is an add-in for Microsoft Office and is used to improve creating and altering charts in high-quality business presentations. It is fully integrated into Microsoft's Excel and PowerPoint environment.

You can learn more about think-cell by viewing the overview page that includes videos explaining how different types of charts can be created with think-cell. Please also refer to the online documentation to get started with think-cell.

The presentation software serves a single purpose—quickly creating great-looking business presentations. think-cell is a Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in with dozens of features that together enable users to quickly create complex data-driven charts, maintain a presentation's structure with auto-updating agendas, and consistently round numbers in Excel sheets. Using think-cell, it is possible to create professional charts such as waterfalls, Marimekkos and Gantts within a few minutes, and to further automatically update them directly from linked Excel data. 

To download the software, please navigate to the think-cell downloads page. Once the download is complete, please email for the license key.

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