The Site Licensing Office is maintaining a volume license for Stata on several operating systems, including 64-bit versions of those OSs. We maintain licenses for both Stata/SE (for single-user boxes) and Stata/MP (for multi-processor boxes). Note that Stata/MP is licensed by thread, so a dual-core computer could in principle use Stata/MPx2 (two threads), and a computer with two dual-core processors could in principle use up to four threads (Stata/MPx4). 

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
  • Can be installed on: Computers owned by the University or by faculty or staff of the University (including Hospitals)
  • Buy-In Cost:
    • Stata/SE: $85 per concurrent user;
    • Stata/MP2: $350 per concurrent user;
    • Stata/MP4: $550 per concurrent user;
    • Stata/MP8: $800 per concurrent user
    • $15 additional charge for those needing v14 media.
  • Renewals: Same as buy-in; due each year in the June/July timeframe regardless of when you initially enroll in the program.
  • License Term: July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017

Payment for Stata can be made via Buysite, choosing the ITS Site Licensing icon as the supplier and searching for Stata. 

Hospital requesters can submit a Form 62 to 5225 S. Cottage Grove, Room 250.

Please remember to include the name and email address of a contact person and OS that is being used in the "Note to Supplier" in Buysite.

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