Quick Guide to Wireless on Campus

  1. Campus wireless covers most campus locations. Our mission is to bring fast, reliable wireless to you. If your wireless experience is missing something, let us know at wireless.uchicago.edu or send us an email at itservices@uchicago.edu.
  2. Looking to jump in? To automatically configure your device to use our secure wireless, visit http://wireless-ucsecure.uchicago.edu.
  3. Wireless networks are less secure than wired. Avoid doing banking, credit cards, or anything with especially sensitive information.
  4. Make sure to visit your computer manufacturer’s support website (like support.dell.com) to download the latest wireless updates for your computer’s wireless card. This can improve performance and smooth out connection problems.
  5. If you’re planning to use a wired connection, make sure you disconnect from the wireless network first. This prevents network conflicts and keeps you going at full speed.
  6. Many computers have a switch that allows you to turn wireless on and off, and it’s easy to hit the switch by accident. If your wireless isn’t working, make sure to check that it’s turned on.
  7. Some programs that automatically try to connect to a server or network, like an IM program or Skype, can stop computers from connecting to wireless properly. Turn off any such programs before trying to connect to a wireless network.
  8. If your computer gets a virus or causes trouble on the wireless network, you may get removed from the wireless network. Call IT Services Service Desk (2-5800, or 773-702-5800) for advice on what to do next. We’re here to help.
  9. iPads may have trouble logging in to the wireless network if Safari’s AutoFill preference is on. You can turn this off in the Settings menu of the iPad - just look for Safari’s preferences.