The Site Licensing Office maintains a volume license for IDL. The pricing and terms for calendar year 2016 breaks down as follows:

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
  • Can be installed on: Computers owned by the University or by faculty or staff of the University (including Hospitals)
  • Cost:
    • Campus Network License            $75 per concurrent user    
    • Standalone License                     $150 per concurrent user
    • 25-User Blocs (mix-and-match)   $1000
  • Due each year in the December/January timeframe regardless of when you initially enroll in the program (2013 pricing)
  • License Term: January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016

The Campus Network License is for computers that are on campus and attached to the campus network. Standalone Licenses are intended for laptops which may not always be on campus. The 25-user blocs can mix between campus network and standalone licenses, or run their own license managers.

Note that standalone licenses do require an active Ethernet card, though they don't need to be attached to a network -- the card just needs to be active. Please provide the hostname and MAC address of your computer along with your order. (The MAC address is also known as the physical address under Windows, or the Ethernet address under Mac OS X. It is NOT the same as an IP address.)

Payment for IDL can be made via Buysite, choosing the ITS Site Licensing icon as the supplier and searching for IDL. Hospital requesters can submit a Form 62 to 5225 S. Cottage Grove, Rm. 250.  Please remember to include the name and email address of a contact person in the "Note to Supplier" in Buysite.

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