Good Password Practices

Passwords and passphrases are used to access many online services, such as email, credit card and bank accounts, eCommerce sites like Amazon, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is important to choose good passwords or passphrases to make sure no one gets access to your private information. Here are some tips on how to create secure passwords and passphrases and how to keep them secure.


The CNetID passphrase is an alternative to the CNetID password and functions identically to a CNetID password by authenticating you for all the common services you are eligible to use based on your affiliation with the University.


Note: Only use CNetID and password for University services.


If you struggle with creating--and remembering--a complex password, an equally good option is to use a passphrase instead. Passphrases are simple sentences that use length instead of complexity to make them secure. Passphrases at the University of Chicago must be at least nineteen (19) characters. For more on passphrases, see the section contained in this article called "Choosing Good Passphrases."


General safe computing tips

For other security tips, visit our Safe Computing site.