Email Scam (June 8, 2017): "Request closed"

IT service
Thursday, June 08, 2017
Request closed


IT (Service Desk) has marked your Request as closed. Please review the 
details of your request in the Self Service portal via the following 
link:Your incident <>

If you feel that your request has not been completed, please reply to 
this email to re-open the request.

The last action taken are as follows:

*08/06/2017 03:05 IT Service : *

ID checked

If you do not reply, this request will be formally closed in 2 working days.


IT Service Desk
Information Technology

How do you know this is a Phishing Scam: 

You might assume this phish is easy to identify, since the destination link is hosted in Khazakstan, but the destination mimicked our login page. Always stop and hover over the link before clicking, it might take you somewhere that looks familiar, but is actually quite malicious.

Note the lack of contact information.  They want you to click not call.