Compromised CNetID Account Recovery

If you were told by the IT Services Service Desk or IT Security that your CNet password has been compromised, you must re-certify your account credentials. The re-certification process will ensure that you are the rightful owner to these account services and allow you to set up a new secure password. Your access will remain disabled until the required information is presented either online or in-person. This is for your own protection.

If you don’t need to re-certify, but only need to change your password, you can do this from the CNetID site. If your computer is compromised, and not your account credentials, guidelines for securing a compromised computer is found on our Computer Compromises page. You will also find additional information on how to protect your data, accounts, and computer assets on this site.

Re-certify from a ‘safe computer’

It is very important to re-certify from a safe computer so you don’t compromise additional sensitive information.

Did you reply to a phishing scam, sending your password to an attacker in response to an email?

If not, and the means of account compromise is unknown, you should rebuild your computer before using it to change your password, use another computer that you have not accessed with your CNet password, or go to Identification and Privileges Office (IPO) to re-certify from a safe computer.

Choose a Good Password

  • Follow our advice on choosing passwords here.
  • In particular, passphrases are preferred: Make it long (at least 12 characters), easy to remember, and include punctuation.
  • Don't use your CNet password for other accounts.

Change passwords to other accounts if needed

If you used your CNet password on other systems (e.g., other university services, banking, personal email), change the password for these immediately and aim to use unique passwords. We have seen attackers attempting to log in to common sites once they have a working username-password combination.

Consider using a password management tool, such as Passwordsafe found on, to make it easier to manage multiple, unique passwords for different accounts. Please note that IT Services does not provide support for these applications.

Re-certify your account

Re-certify online or in-person at IPO located in the lobby of Regenstein Library. See the IPO site for hours and other information. Alumni must recertify from the Alumni & Friends website.