CNetID Overview

A CNetID is a user name used to connect you to common IT services (Webmail, Proxy server, Thunderbird) and many other University sites (cMore, BuySite, Gargoyle, and Griffin, to name a few). It is the prefix to your email address, and your user name for using a variety of University services such as the wireless network, logging into Cmore, accessing electronic resources from off campus, etc.

Create and Manage your CNetID

Who am I: Your Chicago Identifiers

Log in with your CNetID and password to learn your ChicagoID, ISO, and Department/Student IDs.

Email & Directories

Visit this link to access the University of Chicago Directories.

Looking for email settings, email forwarding, or directory changes? Go to our Email Options page for information about email settings and email forwarding or to the Directory Edit page for information on how to change your directory entry. For help, see our support documentation.