Browsing Security

Use tools such as those provided by Qualys to protect yourself by disabling Java in your browser.

Browsing on Public Computers

This seems obvious, but many people forget: If you're using a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) on a publicly accessible computer (e.g., one in USITE, the Library, or an Internet cafe), someone else is going to be using that same browser not long after you walk away. If you've left that browser running, and especially if you've left yourself logged in to your email account or any other account, then whoever sits down next will have full access to that account -- including any personal information and the ability to send email as you.

So every time you use a publicly accessible computer to browse, use the private mode provided by the browser as an additional protection. And before you walk away, you should always explicitly log out of any account you've logged into. Then (to be on the safe side) explicitly exit out of the web browser (using the "Quit" or "Exit" option, not just closing the window). If you're extra-paranoid, tell the browser to clear cached or temporary files and cookies before you exit out.

If you are traveling, find out how to stay connected safely from our Travel documentation page.