ArcGIS (ArcView, ArcInfo)

Social Sciences Divisional Computing maintains a license for the ArcGIS software packages, including ArcView and ArcInfo. There is also a new online cloud-based version that users can take advantage of.

ArcGIS Online ( is an alternative to the desktop software you might be used to. In short, you can do limited analysis but more importantly, you can post and share interactive map data with others or to the general public. Your ArcGIS Online account also allows you to take advantage of other data sets that have been posted to the cloud. You can utilize these data layers in your web browser or in the desktop software itself. The data currently available will be limited due to the small number of users. But as the user-base grows, so will the data library that one can take advantage of.

This short tutorial ( provides a basic overview of tool and how to use it.

For questions about the software, please email For information on joining this license, contact Todd Schuble at

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