Apple Software

Apple has 2 licensing programs, Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Single User and 20+ licenses. 

Apple's VPP makes it simple for institutions to find, buy, and distrbute apps.  Licensing purchases in this program have to buy direct from Apple with a credit card but can shop directly in the App Store and get volume pricing.  The VPP offers managed distribution, allowing the department to retain ownership and control of the app. Apps can be assigned to users and when no longer needed, can be reassigned to a different user. Elijah Moss, from ITS, is the Program Manager. Each department purchaser would be the Program Facilitator. If you are interested in this program, contact

For instances when managed distribution is not needed, Apple has single user licenses and 20+ tier pricing that can be purchased in Buysite as a non-catalog item choosing Apple Inc. as the supplier. Departments can purchase Apple software such as OSX Server, Final Cut Pro, and the components that make up iLife and iWork. These titles are available as a single user license or as a volume license. The minimum purchase for the volume price is quantity 20 for each title.  

Order the single user and 20+ licenses as a non-catalog part in Buysite, choosing Apple Inc as the supplier. Customers placing orders with Apple will receive 1 content code per license purchased. This is applicable for all Apple single unit software titles. The licenses come to you as a download in an email from Apple.  Please log into the Apple Institutional Education Online Store for volume license pricing in quantities of 20+ or for maintenance for these licenses.

D6378Z/A Mountain Lion Server Single Unit License $19.99
D6104Z/A Garage Band Single Unit License $14.99
D6102Z/A iPhoto Single Unit License $14.99
D6103Z/A iMovie Single Unit License $14.99
D6099Z/A Keynote Single Unit License $19.99
D6239Z/A Mainstage Single Unit License $29.99
D6110Z/A Motion Single Unit License $49.99
D6100Z/A Numbers Single Unit License $19.99
D6101Z/A  Pages Single Unit License $19.99
D6098Z/A Aperture Single Unit License $79.99
D6105Z/A Apple Remote Desktop Single Unit License $79.99
D6238Z/A Logic Pro 9 Single Unit License $199.99
D6111Z/A Compressor Single Unit License $49.99
D6109Z/A Final Cut Pro X Single Unit License $299.99


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