Wireless Networking Overview

Switch to Secure Wireless

You may have first affiliated with the uchicago SSID, but secure and convenient wireless networks are available with eduroam and uchicago-secure. To get started with these, visit http://wireless-ucsecure.uchicago.edu, and let the automated tool assist you. This works with any device, from a desktop to a mobile phone.

Wireless access to the internet is available across campus. If your computer is wireless capable, you can use it to check email or browse the web, in accordance with our policies for network access. 802.11n wireless is available nearly ubiquitously accross campus. For more information about the wireless network, visit our Wireless Documentation. A good place to start is our Using the Wireless Network page. If you would like to learn about other methods of connecting to the University network, read the Connect to the University Network Tip Sheet.

We are continuing to improve the wireless across campus. If you would like to suggest a new location for wireless, you may use our wireless suggestion form

Related Services

  • Network Connectivity On Campus - Information about connecting to the network from on campus, IP addressing, and jack activation
  • Network Connectivity From Off-Campus - Off-campus methods of connecting to the University of Chicago network
  • Eduroam - Eduroam (“education roaming”) is a free and secure global wireless access service for the Research & Education sector. It’s currently available at about 5,500 institutions worldwide. Faculty, students, and staff of the University of Chicago will be able to use their CNetID to log in to wireless when visiting universities and research institutions that participate in eduroam. Conversely, visitors to Hyde Park from an organization that participates in eduroam will be able to log in to wireless at the University of Chicago using the credentials provided to them by their home institution.