Who is Following You?

Many of us communicate with friends, family, and share personal information using mobile apps and Internet services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Circles, and Ancestry.com.

But beware! This data might be being shared with people with bad intentions, who might use information publicly available on social networking sites to guess your passwords or 'secret answer' on important websites in order to attempt identity theft or stalk you. 

IT Services wants to remind you to:

  • Find and regularly review your privacy settings for social networking sites such as Facebook. Be aware of what is publicly available.
  • Edit your privacy settings to protect you by only making personal information available to friends. Don't "set and forget" these, though. Social app providers sometimes change their settings with little notice to users.
  • Do not accept 'Friend Requests' from people whom you do not know.
  • Consider the information you post. Does your mobile phone number really need to be posted on Facebook?
  • Be aware that posting location information or information that tells when you might be 'away' from home could make you more vulnerable to theft or stalking.

If you have questions, please contact IT Services Security or call 773-702-2378.