Safe Computing Tip: Remember to Travel SMART

As we go outside to enjoy the weather, we take along our electronic gadgets such as our cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and headphones. Often, we are distracted by these modern electronic tools of comfort, which can sometimes lead to our becoming victims of theft, robbery, or even accidents. IT Services would like to remind each of us that when we travel, regardless if it across campus or across the ocean, to travel SMART:

  • Safe - watch where are you are walking while using your electronic device. Also, don't text while driving.
  • Mindful - keep your electronic devices out of sight when not in use, especially while in a public location.
  • Aware - notice your surroundings whether traveling on the street or sitting in a building.
  • Responsibly - learn how to safeguard your data if your device is stolen with password protection and remote-wipe features.
  • Together - travel with others during late hours or while in secluded areas.

In case of theft, robbery, or accident, contact your local police department. If University property has been lost or stolen, also contact IT Services Security at or 773-702-2378 (2-CERT).

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