Safe Computing Tip: Make Your Password "Hrd2Kr@c!"

Password complexity is the key to keeping your data safe. Find a schema that works best for you, but be sure to use multiple character sets in order to make your password "hard to crack."

Coming up with that hard-to-break yet easy-to-remember password can be a difficult task. So when you find that seemingly perfect password, there is the tendency to use this password for all online services, such as online banking and credit card sites. Passwords that protect your most sensitive information should always be different than other passwords. For these passwords, choose something that is in no way related to any of your other passwords.

Only use your CNet password for campus services. Other sites may not be as robust as the UChicago environment and therefore, more susceptible to being cracked. If your password has been cracked, you will need to change that password across all services that use it.  

To learn more about choosing good passwords visit our Password Security page. To test the strength of your password go to Microsoft Password Checker. To change your CNet password, visit

If you have questions, please contact IT Services Security or call 773-702-2378.