Chalk: Improved User Interface

On September 15th, IT Services updated the Chalk site to a cleaner look that provides an improved user experience. These changes reflect feedback from faculty and students gathered by ITS over the past six months.

Most notably, there are cosmetic changes that include a new logo and introduce new colors that reduce drop-shadows and shading seen in the current version.

There are also navigational changes that improve the user experience. Within newly created courses, that are not copied, the Home Page was updated to include the Library Help Module. For copied courses, the Library Help Module can be added to course Home Pages (by clicking Add Module).

There are several other changes that you may notice. The Dashboard tab was removed. The modules are available for users to add to the My Chalk Page. A Chalk Quick Reference Guide has also been added. Additionally, many small edits have been made to help text throughout Chalk to provide  a clearer and more concise assistance to users.

If you have any questions or concerns about the upgrade, please contact