Announcing New Service: UChicago Google Apps

IT Services is pleased to announce the availability of Google Apps for Education at the University of Chicago. The addition of UChicago Google Apps furthers the use of modern online collaboration tools to foster learning, teaching, and research at the University.

"We are happy to add UChicago Google Apps to the growing suite of online tools that make it easy for members of the University of Chicago community to work together", says Byron Nash, Executive Director for Enterprise Applications and Services. "We believe that web-based software enabling real-time collaboration of faculty and students can truly enhance the unique education and research environment of the University of Chicago."

UChicago Google Apps includes the following services:

  • Google Docs - allows users to create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, and drawings in real-time.
  • Google Drive - upload, store, and share any file type.
  • Gmail - provides gigabytes of email storage, highly effective spam filtering, and powerful search with integrated instant messaging, voice, and video chat
  • Google Calendar - allows easy scheduling, meetings and events online;
  • Google Sites - easily develop and customize simple web sites – no HTML required.

The use of Google Apps within the University allows students, faculty, and staff to easily collaborate using CNetID for login in an environment specific to the University. Google Apps provides 25 Gigabytes of storage for email, and 5 Gigabytes of storage for documents.

"I use Google docs and Google drive for several classes; being able to keep those things in a UChicago-specific account is super helpful," said Mark Roberts, a fourth year in the College.

UChicago Google Apps are available now for current students, faculty, and staff of the University at the following addresses:

Gmail -
Google Docs -
Calendar -
Sites -
Google Drive -

For more information on using Google Apps for Education at the University of Chicago, please see the UChicago Google Apps - Getting Started knowledge base document.