Web Services

What we do

As the University’s central web group, Web Services designs, builds, and supports websites and web applications for the University community. Our services range from accessible web and mobile designs to process analysis and systems architecture.

Web Services provides professional standards-compliant development, support, consultation, and hosting of sites and applications that serve broad needs for the University community. This work includes custom application development, pre-packaged functionality of core systems, leveraged applications, custom web design, and strategic business process redesign and integration between technical and administrative units.

Take a detailed look at some of the websites created by Web Services in our portfolio.

Core Principles

1. Web Services is your partner.

We want to collaborate with you to find the right solution to reach your goals, and the goals of the University. That could be anything from helping analyze your business processes, to building a custom web application or custom-designed, content-managed website, to helping you find existing services that can be leverage at no cost. Whatever the need, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality service to every single client.

2. Usable sites lead to happier users.

Our commitment to user-centered design means we deliver sites that meet both your goals and your users’ needs. This includes writing standards-compliant code to improve accessibility and longevity, doing user research before we design to identify wants and needs, and doing user testing on prototypes so we can incorporate feedback throughout our process.

3. We have access to the 10,000-foot view.

We work with many academic and administrative groups across campus. This allows us to identify trends and help connect people and ideas. We know what services and tools are available to campus, and we can facilitate collaboration with our sister groups in IT Services. Our strong partnership with University Communications means we know just who to call to assist you with identity, content, and multimedia development. We also have contracts with outside partners who understand the culture and mission of the University, allowing us to quickly access additional resources to meet your specific needs.

4. Working with us is a good experience.

Web Services is focused on collaboration and customer service, and it shows in our people, our culture, and our relationships throughout the University. We strive to be professional, friendly, and focused in our interactions with clients, colleagues, and support staff. We know our clients are fabulous and we work hard to be a fun team to work with!

5. We're always thinking about the future.

What will the next generation of students need? What will future faculty expect? Where are web and mobile trends moving? These are questions we keep in mind as we take on new projects; they’re also questions we proactively address to ensure we’re ready to meet your needs, even before you know what they are. We’re always looking for collaborations that allow us to leverage emerging technologies, new techniques, or incorporate the latest best practices in our industry.