Academic and Scholarly Technology Services

Academic and Scholarly Technology Services provides tools and platforms that are used across the University for teaching and collaboration, such as Chalk and Adobe Connect. We also provide technology support for the University's central pool of classrooms. We seek to work closely with faculty to explore ways of applying technology to teaching, research, and scholarship. Through close partnerships with the library, museums, and research computing units across campus, we are available to help faculty explore new ways of approaching their teaching using online tools and digital materials. 

We provide:

  • Instructional design
  • Consulting and support in the use of Chalk, remote collaboration software such as Adobe Connect, and other commonly used tools such as wikis and blogs
  • Consultants to help students with the mechanics of software required in course curricula
  • Classroom media support 
  • Lecture recording support
  • AV design and consulting
  • Audio, video, and visualization production